Fatherhood On Friday: Parr Excellence

Since “Incredibles 2” and the U.S. Open are opening on Father’s Day Weekend, it’s incumbent on us to use “above-Parr” puns


We miss Anthony Bourdain.


  • “It’s moments like this; the shroud of mundane that is associated with parenthood, is stripped away. What was, just moments ago, the same boring routine, is now the sudden realization of how much time has passed; how much has changed; how much has happened, and how much you’ll miss going forward.” — Mike Cruse, Daddy Dis Way
  • “Suppose that you had an opportunity to do something really cool with your kids. Not just cool, but something that was an unforgettable experience, the likes of which would create memories which would last forever. Now suppose that you weren’t allowed to partake in this opportunity because of your gender.” — Mike Armstrong, No Father’s Day
  • “I admit there is a part of me that remains embarrassed to be a stay-at-home father. I never envisioned myself in this role. Caring for my children while remaining unemployed was a huge blow to my ego.” — Billy Kilgore, Unsolicited Parenting Advice for Mr. Incredible
  • “There is never a time when memory forgets its childish beginnings, for how can a soul forget or fail to reference innocence not wholly lost? The danger isn’t the loss of a thing, the horror is in the forgetting of having ever had it.” — D. Durand Worthey, Reflection : A Walking Tour of San Diego
  • “This is the last summer of his always being here, lanky and lazy, stretched across the couch without worry or agenda. This is the last summer of the status quo and our comfort with it.” — Whit Honea, The Window of Childhood Doesn’t Need Cleaning



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