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Fatherhood on Friday: Old rules and new stresses have forced birth rates to record lows. We can turn that around if we work to build the post-quarantine family lives we deserve.

Writing a news digest this week feels redundant, since the U.S. election has dominated the news (and made it so indigestible). As the results shake out and the holidays approach, we’re already thinking ahead to 2021, when one of our primary objectives will be to help foster a renewed confidence that meeting in person is safe again.

We’re also going to study how parents will emerge from the unrelenting stress of Lockdown Life and build back better.

It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing before COVID closed the boathouse. Giving birth and childcare cost a fortune, but the purchasing power of our…

Fatherhood on Friday: Admit it. However you feel about the Kardashians, Kim’s 40th birthday gift has a lot of love behind it.

When Kim Kardashian turned 40 last week, her husband (a musical performer of some renown) had a particular quandary: What do you get for the woman who could look at a list of 30 things to buy for $30 million and buy them all?

The answer was a two-minute message from a hologram of her late father, Robert, telling her how proud he is of the mogul, mother, and woman she has built herself to be.

Reaction on social media was swift, and mostly derisive, mainly because showcasing how incredibly stinking rich you are comes off as particularly tone-deaf…

Fatherhood on Friday: If you’re creeped out by the image of a dad kissing his son on the cheek, we’re full of emotions for you. The biggest is pity.

We owe a great debt to John Cardillo for unleashing the full power of the Streisand Effect on one of our culture’s most ridiculous hangups: Men expressing affection.

So many emotions happening at once, here. At face value, you’ve got a dad hugging his adult son and kissing him on the cheek. But when you probe the context, you see a father and son who formed a singular bond while grieving the son’s mother, who died in a car wreck.

You burn a little knowing the tweet was meant to belittle the father, but you’re gratified by how ratioed the…

Fatherhood on Friday: Betting your self-worth on fixing the unfixable is destined to fail. Be like Theodore Roosevelt and grow a mustache.

Now that Dad 2.0 Digital is over, we’re focused on the reality of what’s next. And that can seem a daunting chore, since each day can feel like an ever-lengthening to-do list. Projects to complete (or start), errands to run, problems to fix.

That last one can be a real kick in the teeth, since a lot of us dads are hard-wired to “fix” things that are simply unfixable. We can re-pave a hole in the driveway, for example, but holes in our relationships are thornier problems, because they’re not just about us. …

Fatherhood on Friday: Online conferences lack human contact, but we can still connect and learn, with wider reach and greater frequency.

This week’s Fatherhood on Friday is a bit of a switcheroo, as we’re forgoing the usual roundup of dad news and content in favor of a few reflections about our first online event: Dad 2.0 Digital.

It was a weird experience for a weird time, seeing our gathering reduced to a matrix of animate rectangles, but we learned a ton:

  • We learned that Michael Ian Black didn’t get much of chance to process the trauma when he was 12 and his dad died suddenly, and he wants his son to have an easier time learning how to be A…

Fatherhood on Friday: Our first online event is coming October 1–2–3! Here’s why this virtual conference will be an actual blast.

After months of prep and anticipation, we’re finally on the doorstep of Dad 2.0 Digital! The event starts Wednesday, September 30, with our customary Newbie Seminar (and now Tech Review, featuring the desktop interface and the Socio app we’ll be using), followed by our also-customary Conference Eve Twitter Wingding, where we discuss everything we have planned (Speakers, Sponsors, panel topics, etc.) and hurl the #dad2summit hashtag around like funfetti at the Super Bowl.

The daily Schedule kicks in on Thursday, and to accommodate as many time zones as possible (a novel thing to consider), the bulk of our programming will…

Fatherhood on Friday: There are many benefits to the digital conference format, which doesn’t require travel, lodgings, or pants.

We love it when a plan comes together, even when the plan seems rather preposterous on its surface. A conference without contact? Thankfully, we saw firsthand this week at Mom 2.0 Everywhere, which concluded yesterday, that online interaction can be dynamic and user-friendly. And there are lots of perks to an online event, apart from the creative wardrobe options below the belt:

  • The Socio interface we’ll be using offers plenty of opportunity to contact other attendees, either by text or Zoom, to set up mentoring times, discuss potential business partnerships, or just shoot the shit.
  • Clicking in and out makes…

Fatherhood on Friday: It’s Back-To-Screen season! At least you didn’t have to spend a ton on new pants for the kids.

We had the Spring, when the initial shock of the pandemic lowered the educative stakes while families tried to find our footing. We had the Summer, when we gritted our teeth and watched our hopes for a normal return to school erode day by day. And now we’re here, coping with more uncertainty and declining morale as anyone in the 21st century does: with memes.

So how’s it going with you? Can your kids log on? Exercise? Pay attention for more than five seconds? The web is full of helpful tips for pushing through this trying time (especially if two…

Fatherhood on Friday: The Fortune 500 is worth $14.2 trillion in revenue, and its paid leave policies need a ton of work. Coincidence?

In 1965, David Letterman was a geeky undergrad at Ball State University with a neck-beard and a radio show. And parental leave of any type was a wisp of an idea among second-wave feminists who wanted women to stay in the workforce after World War II.

Fifty-five years later, Letterman’s alma mater published a first-ever study of paid leave policies at Fortune 500 companies, which account for more annual sales revenue ($14.2 trillion) than the combined GDPs of Japan, Germany, the UK, and India. Given their hegemony, the examples these companies set have a huge ripple effect on the way…

Fatherhood on Friday: Faced with a summer of quarantine, an enterprising dad launched a four-week “bubble camp” for 12 girls.

We interrupt your normal fetid slurry of garbage news to offer a hearty “Good On Ya” to a dad whose can-do spirit shone particularly brightly this week. This was a man, a father of two teenage daughters who endured months of quarantine in New York City, who recognized that lockdown would endure long enough to stifle his kids’ summer plans and summoned the gumption to create some epic plans of his own.

We’re talking about Randall Lane, chief content officer of Forbes Media, who launched an entire four-week summer camp for 12 girls at a lakeside ski chalet in the…

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